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Northgate Farm, Horningsea

This Land Development Ltd

Project Manager & Cost Manager

Single Stage, Design & Build

Our role encompassed Project Manager and Cost Manager functions to develop a scheme of 3Nr. detached houses and the conversion of an existing barn into a new office facility.

Our duties involved the coordination of the design and consultant team to develop the project design and budget in order advance the project to Planning and Construction stage. During the construction phase our role extends to incorporate Employer’s Agent duties which involves administration of the construction contract to ensure that the project goals in respect of time, cost and quality are realised.

The 3no detached houses sit in a prominent position within the village envelope, therefore it was important that the aesthetics of the design were complimented by suitable high quality materials, again with consideration to best value always at the forefront of our decision making. The project design also retains a focus on sustainability, with the use of recycled materials incorporated into both the design of the houses and barn.

In addition, the scheme has had to demonstrate a challenging bio diversity net gain target of +10%. This has been achieved by the use of fully developed landscape proposals including the addition of a pond to address sustainable drainage requirements and also environmental enhancement.

Horningsea this Land Project


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