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CDM Principal Designers

The CDM Regulations 2015 require that health and safety issues are considered at all stages of the project in order to reduce the risk of harm to those that build, use and maintain the built asset.

The Client has a legal responsibility to ensure that a Principal Designer is appointed to coordinate health and safety matters throughout the pre-construction phase of the project.

By aligning our Principal Designer service with our Project Management responsibilities, we are able to embed Health & Safety considerations comprehensively into the design development process, ensuring that all risks are considered during the design stages and appropriately communicated to the construction team.

As part of our service, we prepare and issue designer risk logs to the design team and a Pre-Construction Information (PCI) pack to be circulated amongst the project team.

Our Principal Designer service will support Clients in meeting their obligations and responsibilities under the CDM regulations, ensuring that Health & Safety is at the heart of the design and construction process.

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