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Clerk of Works

On certain projects, Clients may wish to monitor the quality and progress of the construction works more closely.

As members of the Institute of Clerk of Works and Construction Inspectorate, Oxbury's specialist Clerk of Works surveyors are well placed to provide an independent assessment of construction works as they proceed.

With decades of experience in the industry our inspectors have a deep understanding of the Building Regulations and best practice standards that guide the construction industry in the UK.

Drawing on their technical expertise and insight, our site inspectors can quickly and efficiently assess compliance and report back to our clients on the progress of their projects, providing a straightforward independent view that helps ensure that work is carried out correctly.

Our Clerk of Works inspectors utilise the latest software and technology to ensure their findings are communicated to the project team without delay.

At Oxbury, we aim to tailor our services to suit our client’s individual needs. We understand the importance of delivering timely reports in the format that suits you to support the efficient and successful delivery of your project.

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