Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

At Oxbury Chartered Surveyors we take our social and ethical responsibilities seriously. We strive to operate our business in an ethical way and to make business decisions that provide long-term benefits to our staff, customers, suppliers, the communities we operate in, and the wider environment. We fulfil this commitment in the following areas:

The Workplace

We respect all our employees, providing fair remuneration and working conditions. All staff are protected by our strong commitment to health and safety and to equal opportunities and diversity. We hold the RICS Inclusive Employer Charter Mark. We do not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimisation. We are committed to giving all staff opportunities for training and development in order to help them realise their own aspirations and interests. We regularly communicate with our employees, sharing information about the current performance and future goals of the Company and seeking staff views and opinions.

The Marketplace

We treat all our customers and suppliers with respect and consideration and conduct business in an open and ethical way. We hold the RICS Conflict Avoidance Pledge. Our focus is on providing a professional and responsive service to our customers. We ask for feedback and then act to continually improve the service that we offer. We support local suppliers where possible and will always consider a potential supplier’s own commitment to CSR when deciding to award contracts. We pay our suppliers on time and support them in their own actions to minimise their impact on the environment. We have a strong anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy and always deal with our customers and suppliers openly and fairly.

The Local and Wider Community

We support the communities we operate within through our interactions with local businesses, community groups, schools and charities. We use local suppliers where possible and value quality and a positive relationship as much as price. As a business we provide financial support to our own chosen charities as well as supporting the fundraising efforts of our customers and suppliers. We encourage and support our staff to give their time to fundraise for charities important to them and celebrate their successes. Our staff are actively involved in local community groups and we support them to fulfil their commitments to these groups. We also donate furniture and IT equipment to local community groups and schools. We encourage young people to realise their potential by working with schools to provide advice and work experience for students.

The Environment

We consider the impact on the environment of all our business decisions and act to minimise negative consequences. We act to reduce our consumption of energy, water and materials such as paper, and work with our suppliers to reduce their own consumption. We recycle as much as possible both with our general waste management company and with specialist organisations to recycle old PPE. We always look for opportunities to reuse items such as furniture by gifting them to schools or community groups. We aim to reduce pollution through the use of video conferencing and hybrid working as well as car sharing when travel is required; and support our clients and suppliers to reduce their own impact on the environment.

James Oxbury - Managing Director