Batmobile Adventures For EACH


Our esteemed director, Tim Boucher, will embark on an extraordinary journey at the end of June to raise money for an incredible charity East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH).

Accompanied by his old school friend Paul, Tim will drive from Norwich to Barcelona, taking the scenic route through seven countries. Their adventure will lead them over the highest pass in the Alps, through the picturesque ski resorts in Italy, and even include a memorable stop in Monte Carlo.

Covering a distance of over 1700 miles, this remarkable feat will be completed in none other than the legendary "Batmobile" itself—well, actually, an old Audi TT with 176,000 miles on the clock, boasting more dents than a steel drum and having served as a cozy dog bed for the past four years.

You can follow Tim and Paul's exciting journey and track their progress in real time on Instagram by searching @batmobileadventures. Additionally, we will be posting updates on our LinkedIn page to keep you informed of their incredible journey.

The new EACH Centre in Framingham Pigot, conveniently located a stone's throw away from Tim's residence, holds a special place in his heart. Having visited the center on numerous occasions, Tim has witnessed firsthand the incredible work they do. This remarkable institution relies heavily on charitable funding to cover their daily costs, which amount to thousands of pounds.

If you would like to donate to this wonderful charity, please follow this link:

As a company, we've been engaging in spirited debates trying to figure out who gets to be Batman and who's stuck with Robin. Much to Tim's dismay, the jury is still out on that one! ?

Well done Tim, and good luck to you both!

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